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Eski model golf GTI
Eski model golf GTI

Klasik buick araba resmi | Modifiyeli Spor Arabalar-Araçlar

Klasik buick araba resmi


Klasik buick araba resmi
Anahtar Kelimeler: Eski model egzotik araba buick car wallpaper klasik arabalar
Tarih: 02.01.2008 04:52
Hitler: 2567
indirmeler: 11
izlenme: 3.50 (2 Oylar)
Dosya Boyutu: 362.2 KB
Gönderen: arabalar

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Giris tarihi: 09.08.2010
Yorumlar: 1319
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slide bearing
Plastic bearing
drill edm
brake racing
Founded in 1995 as Hsian Ji Workshop, we develop, manufacture and export ball bearings and slide bearing, Plastic bearing. In 2005, we expanded our factory and renamed as Hsian Ji Bearing Co., Ltd.Years of research and innovative products track our evolution; from our conventional drill edms, to today’s CNC Drilling EDMs and ATC Automatic Brass Tube Changing drilling edmsWe have accumulated more than ten years of manufacturing experience in the field of automobile chassis systems. Over the past years, brake racing we are engaged in modified automobile chassis systems and related parts, related to product design, development, manufactu.
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